What Types of Outdoor Marble Tiles Are Best for High Traffic Areas?

What Types of Outdoor Marble Tiles Are Best for High Traffic Areas?

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If you are asked to tell a natural stone that you believe is the most suitable material for indoor and outdoor that can single handedly give your premise a luxury look? If your answer is marble then you are right. Marble, be it indoor or outdoor marble, is one of the most luxurious and stunning materials that can enhance the beauty of your landscape without a doubt. While you can do plenty of greater things regarding outdoor landscaping from adding backyard pools to alfresco and patios using marble as an outdoor construction material is one of the best parts of it.  Marble is one of the most preferred materials for creating beautiful landscapes. But the thing is our residential exteriors have to face some of the highest foot traffic so choosing the right marble should matter a lot. But first, let’s discuss why marble is so popular for landscaping and why people are after it.

Why Is Marble A Great Flooring Choice?

Marble is the final form of the metamorphism of limestone at an extreme temperature and pressure. The typical colors are green, blue, and yellow and it is also known for its characteristic flowy patterns that are because calcium carbonate comprises most of its composition. Some of the impurities like clay, silt, sand, or rust that enter the Marble during the process of quarrying give it its veining characteristics. Marble often features its particular color and also has unique patterns; no two slabs will be the same.
  • It Looks And Feels High-End

If you want to lay something fancy, then you can’t beat marble as an outside flooring choice. People made it one of the most well-liked cost materials for centuries, during which it was widely applied in the construction of luxury buildings like palaces and castles. Unlike other flooring options, Marble tiles have a timeless quality, which ensures that they will remain beautiful for a considerable period in the future. Take Black Velvet Marble Pavers Sandblasted, for instance, it is a natural product with lots of texture with black and black color. Marble’s luxurious look can often enhance considerably the pricing value of the house. There are many ways to seamlessly be the same from interior to exterior is one of them. Its adaptability is a big advantage and it looks beautiful with almost any type of house.  

Black Velvet Marble Sandblasted | NT Pavers

                                                                                                       Black Velvet Marble Pavers Sandblasted                                                 

  • Natural Substance

Although some of the tiling options appear to be excellent even though they are synthetic, how much do the floors support your house and environment? In the case that you have a dog that scratches or digs, you would be able to easily take it out. Threats like spills, and wear and tear are kept off of marble tiles using sealing of these tiles. Blue Marble Pavers Tumbled offers an attractive feature of mixed texture of light and dark looks. It requires minimal maintenance; hence the use of powerful cleaning agents is not required, which is better for the environment. If your Marble tiles are old or refurbished then they can as well be recycled or reused for any space since they are recyclable and reusable.  

                                                                                     blue marble                                        Blue Marble Pavers Tumbled

  • Durable And Long-Lasting Material

An outdoor patio space has to face too much foot traffic, therefore the flooring there should be durable. Also, it should be able to sustain heavy use for multiple days without wearing out. The use of marble is worthwhile as it’s heat resistant and can bear heavy loads without cracking. As it is mounted, Marble tiles are a material that has a great long life; they will keep their original color and texture looking like the day they were put up for decades.
  • Low Maintenance

Because most people are busy, then a process that takes so much time mopping the floor does not sound quite nice. If you choose to install marble tiles as your outdoor building material, there is nothing you need to be worried about. Another nice feature of marble is that after it is set in place, it barely has to be maintained to be kept as polished as ever, especially if it has been polished or sealed.
  • Looks Great With Polishing

The marble is considered to be the pinnacle of glamor and elegance for its polished satiny appearance, as if it is wet almost. No other type of flooring can meet the same texture and look. It is by regular cleaning of the Marble tiles that their appearance will be maintained and this can be done as a way of helping you to save expenses. Sand and dirt are marble’s worst enemies and no matter how careful we are, we are always bothered with dirt. The friction caused by this material can at some point damage the Marble leading to it glossing out over time. However, with some polishing and sealers like HIDRO SST Natural Stone Sealer you can just get back its mojo effortlessly. Just make sure to learn how to use such products and you are good to go.
  • Heat Resistance

Marble has a high thermal mass and is thick, dense, and dense. A house that absorbs exterior heat before it has a chance to significantly change the temperature within it can be more comfortable. This is very beneficial in Australia, where summers are very hot and humid. Energy expenditures may be reduced since less cooling is needed. During the warmer months, marble tiles can provide additional comfort since they are cold to the touch.  

Best Marble Tiles For High Traffic Areas

So now let’s talk about selecting the right marble tile for high-traffic areas.

Choosing Outdoor Marble

You might have figured that not every type of marble will be durable against the outside elements. The polished marble countertops that you have in your kitchen might not be a great idea for your patio as well. That is the reason why using polished marble for tiling for outdoor use is not a good idea. They can be easily broken if coming into contact with outdoor elements. So options such as Blue Marble Sandblasted Pool Tile are the perfect option for the pool area. We all know that during summer, pool decks have to face the heaviest foot traffic so opting for such options from Elegance will let you have the most durable option without a doubt.   NT Pavers's 6x24 Blue Marble Sandblasted Tile, perfect for slip-resistant pool areas in Hawthorne, NJ, and service regions.

Blue Marble Sandblasted Pool Tile

  Therefore, go with a rustic finish on natural stone which will bring out your décor to the next level. Some great finishing options include Tundra Grey Marble Tile and Imperial White Carrara Marble Tile. Their color and texture are unique and sit with the contemporary landscaping especially pools or outdoor steps and they can sustain different climatic conditions. They resemble nature spectacularly and hence will be appropriate for an outdoor environment. Marble tiles that would fit outdoors very often will have a smooth surface which is different from the backsplash marble.

Porcelain slabTundra Grey Marble Tile

  Marble tile selection for your outdoors also requires you to think about the size of the tile for the created sight as well. Keep in mind that the bigger the tile the greater the impression of space the area has. Never forget that outdoor tile can be used for more than just the floor tile. Depending on the deck or the patio space you have and the material you choose, you may also install marble tiles to create an accent wall outdoors. This region is the ideal one for putting pots with plants and water fountains. Don’t forget to consider your budget as well. At NT Pavers, we have to offer a wide range of premium natural stones and even a designer collection that can enhance the beauty of the interior and exterior but it can cost considerably high. It is better to take a look at your budget and then opt for the right type of outdoor tiles for a better experience. 

Maintaining Outdoor Marble Tiles

While marble is a natural stone that can withstand different weather conditions it still requires some maintenance as well. If you didn’t take care of them then chances are you will find them look dull, dry, and matt. Products such as Aqua Treatment Natural Stone Sealer can help you to keep the marble outdoor tiles. This solution is easy to use on a wide range of materials and is effective for grime and dirt. Gently scrubbing the tiles with such products should keep your outdoor marble tile in good condition for years.

Aqua Treatment Natural Stone SealerAqua Treatment Sealer Product image_5L (web)

Final Words on Outdoor Marble Tile Selection

With marble, any outdoor space can look elegant, sophisticated, and well-designed, regardless of its size. Your outdoor living space will be fun and functional for years to come if you choose the right look and style and maintain the marble properly. Just make sure to choose the right outdoor marble tile for your outdoor landscapes. You can contact us for better guidance and suggestions