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EQ Pedestals

Uneven terrain shouldn’t be a problem for your paving project. NT Pavers brings a wide range of adjustable. The EQ Pedestals products offer you the most convenient solution assuring you an even surface for your paving project. We offer different types of  Pedestals that offer different levels of adjustment and weighing capacity. This means that if you want to change a specific height and your paving project requires you to manage heavy foot traffic. 

Convenient Installation Right Outside the Box

Just when you receive your EQ Pedestals, They are ready to be used in your paving project. They come with the right amount of required pins, screws, and adjustments to complete the project without any inconvenience. 

A custom outdoor flooring solution made with EQ Pedestals by NT Pavers is the perfect way to showcase your personality and style. With EQ Pedestals, you can achieve perfectly level surfaces even on uneven ground thanks to the adjustable height feature. You can adjust these pedestals to create a consistent, stable surface whether there’s a slight slope or a lot of height variation. You can mix and match EQ Pedestals with concrete, stone, and porcelain to create a truly bespoke design.