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32"x32" - Cement Look

32″x32″ – Cement Look

NT Pavers’s range of 32″x32″ cement look of porcelain pavers offers a similar rugged look to the cement and concrete but with better durability and resistance to stains, scratches, and fading. They just mimic the look of original cement and concrete but have similar features to porcelain. 

Being nonporous, you can install those in wet areas and patios if you want low-maintenance pavers without any requirement of sealing. We assure you that it will keep its look intact for decades. Them being better slip resistance are best for outdoor areas like pool decks. 

Cement Look For Rugged Aesthetics 

NT Pavers latest range of 32″x32″ cement look is the perfect choice for every type of outdoor project be it residential or commercial. Our porcelain pavers with cement look offer unique and classy aesthetics and durability that will help you to keep the project looking great without compromising on durability. You can use them in an area with high-traffic areas be it’s foot traffic or vehicular traffic.  So just find the right type of 32″x32″ cement look right now.