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Porcelain Slabs 6 1/2 mm

Porcelain Slabs 6 1/2 mm

Porcelain slabs within 6 or 1/2mm thickness by NT Pavers are one of the most high-performance materials suitable for interior use including floorings and walls. Don’t understate the reduced thickness because the technical characteristics remain the same including strength and durability.  

The Versatile designing option is one of the most prevalent features of our Porcelain Slabs 6 1/2 mm collection. If your goal is to create depth and visual appeal to the surface and room then you should definitely go for our porcelain slabs instead of traditional wall coverings like paint or wallpapers. 

Whether you want to use them as accent walls, feature panels, or full wall installations, our collection of Porcelain Slabs 6 1/2 mm offers sophistication and unparalleled aesthetics.

 The porcelain slabs by NT Pavers offer the most durable slabs so you will never have to worry about the replacement of the pavers for longer. Choose the best porcelain slabs for your interior projects right now.