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Porcelain Copings & Treads

Unmatched Durability and Elegance with NT Pavers Porcelain Coping

Porcelain coping by NT Pavers is crafted with high-quality material and with the collaboration of experienced designers so you will not only get the coping stones but a work of art as well. You can use them on the top of the walls, masonry, and around the pools. The best thing about our porcelain coping is that they are nonporous so they are perfect for any area where you want to stop water from being absorbed and causing damage.

Porcelain coping at NT Pavers is crafted from high-quality porcelain. Our coping offers great resistance against different environmental elements. We take advantage of the non-porous surface of porcelain and craft the copings that can withstand staining, fading, and water absorption.  This makes them a perfect choice for pool areas where you can enjoy your pool without worrying about unsightly discoloration or deterioration over time.

Seamless Integration and Easy Maintenance

NT Pavers collection of porcelain coping is a great investment in the long run. Installing it near the pool area will not only make it more durable but will increase the age of the surface around it as well. You can integrate them seamlessly around your landscape design too. Our porcelain coping features a range of sizes so they can be effortlessly installed on any surface and landscape despite the size. 

 seamless integration into your existing landscape design. With precision engineering and a range of sizing options, our coping can be effortlessly installed to create clean lines and smooth transitions between your pool and surrounding areas.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, porcelain coping is also incredibly low-maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep to keep it looking its best year after year. Unlike natural stone pavers, which often requires regular sealing and cleaning to prevent damage, our porcelain coping is virtually maintenance-free. Simply rinse it down with water occasionally to remove any debris or dirt buildup, and your poolside will maintain its pristine appearance for seasons to come.