Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Benefits of Natural Stone Pavers

Natural stone pavers, especially those from Natural Stone NT Pavers , are renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal. When used on exterior surfaces, they not only enhance the beauty of the area but also offer long-lasting performance. Their timeless elegance makes them a favorite among homeowners and designers alike.

Distinctiveness of NT Paver’s Offerings

The natural stone paver elegance collection is curated with precision and attention to detail. Each stone, including the popular Afyon Ice marble pavers , is sourced and crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and beauty. When you choose marble pavers elegance, you’re investing in a product that combines functionality with unmatched aesthetic appeal.

Locating NT Paver's Products

If you’re looking for marble pavers near you, NT Pavers, Inc., located at 220 Goffle Road, Hawthorne, NJ 07506, USA , offers a wide range of marble pavers elegance collection. You can reach out to them at their office phone: 973-397-5353 or email them at for more details.

Benefits of Marble Pavers

Why should I consider Marble pavers for my exterior surface needs?
Marble pavers, especially those from the marble pavers collection , are known for their luxurious finish and durability. They not only elevate the look of any exterior surface but also provide a sturdy foundation that can withstand various weather conditions. Moreover, their natural thermal properties make them suitable for different climates.

Exploring Natural Stone Patio Pavers

What makes natural stone patio pavers a sought-after choice for homeowners?
Natural stone patio pavers, available at NT Pavers, Inc., are versatile and adaptable. They can seamlessly blend with any outdoor setting, enhancing its beauty and functionality. Whether you’re looking for natural stone pavers near me or exploring options for a complete patio makeover, the natural stone collection has something for everyone.

Contacting Elegance

How can I get in touch with Elegance for my natural stone needs?

You can contact NT Trading, Inc., the proud purveyor of the natural stone elegance collection, at their address: 220 Goffle Road, Hawthorne, NJ 07506, USA. For immediate queries, you can call their office phone at 973-397-5353 . Alternatively, you can fax them at 201-507-9595 or email at for detailed inquiries.

Advantages of Natural Stone Driveway Pavers

Why should homeowners consider natural stone for their driveway pavers?
Natural stone driveway pavers are synonymous with luxury and resilience. Opting for them instantly elevates the curb appeal of a property, bestowing it with a refined and upscale appearance. Their robust nature ensures they can endure the rigors of daily vehicular traffic and the unpredictability of weather patterns, promising a long lifespan. One of the standout features of natural stone pavers is their minimal maintenance demands. Regular cleaning is all it takes to keep them looking pristine. Furthermore, the diverse palette of colors, intricate textures, and myriad patterns they come in means homeowners can tailor their driveways to mirror their personal style and the architectural essence of their residences.

Installation of Natural Stone Driveway Pavers

What steps should be taken to guarantee the successful installation of natural stone pavers on driveways?

Installing natural stone driveway pavers necessitates precision and expertise. It’s imperative to engage professionals who are well-versed in handling and laying these pavers. The initial phase involves meticulous site preparation, encompassing ground excavation, leveling, and ensuring a firm, compacted base. Proper drainage mechanisms are pivotal to avert water pooling, which can compromise the integrity of the pavers over time. The choice of adhesive or mortar is equally significant, and it’s recommended to use products specifically designed for natural stone. Adhering to the installation guidelines tailored for the chosen stone paver type is vital. Collaborating with seasoned professionals guarantees that the pavers are laid impeccably, mitigating potential challenges like paver displacement or subsidence in the future.

Understanding Exterior Porcelain Pavers

What exactly are exterior porcelain pavers?
Exterior porcelain pavers are specialized tiles crafted for outdoor applications. They serve as a robust and minimal upkeep flooring solution suitable for diverse spaces like patios, pool surrounds, and pathways. Manufactured from premium porcelain, these pavers boast stain resistance, slip resistance, and are available in an extensive array of colors, dimensions, and finishes.

Comparison with Other Outdoor Flooring

How do exterior porcelain pavers stack up against other outdoor flooring materials?
When juxtaposed with conventional materials such as concrete, timber, or natural stone, exterior porcelain pavers present multiple benefits. They exhibit superior resistance to weather elements, drastic temperature shifts, and harmful UV radiation. Furthermore, these pavers demand minimal upkeep, are a breeze to clean, and typically outlast other outdoor flooring alternatives in terms of lifespan.

Installation on Natural Ground

Is it feasible to lay exterior porcelain pavers directly on grass or soil?

Indeed, exterior porcelain pavers can be set on grass or soil, provided there’s suitable base preparation. It’s imperative to have an adequate sub-base and drainage mechanisms in place to avert complications like surface irregularities or water pooling. Adhering to the recommended installation practices and utilizing the right materials is essential for the paver surface’s durability and stability.

Suitability for Busy Areas

Are exterior porcelain pavers apt for regions with substantial footfall?

Definitely! Owing to their remarkable sturdiness and resilience, exterior porcelain pavers are an excellent pick for zones with high footfall or even areas frequented by vehicles. Their capacity to endure substantial weights and resist wear makes them a preferred choice for such spaces.

Maintenance and Cleaning

What’s the protocol for the upkeep and cleansing of exterior porcelain pavers?

The maintenance regimen for exterior porcelain pavers is straightforward. Routine dusting or occasional pressure washing with a gentle detergent solution typically suffices. Given their stain-resistant nature, any spillages can be promptly addressed without leaving residues. It’s pivotal to steer clear of abrasive cleaning instruments or potent chemicals that might mar the surface.

Versatile Applications

Beyond flooring, can exterior porcelain pavers be employed for other purposes?
Without a doubt! Exterior porcelain pavers are not confined to just flooring applications. They can be repurposed as wall facades , to fashion outdoor kitchen countertops, or even as garden stepping stones. The adaptability of porcelain pavers paves the way for innovative designs and uses, amplifying the aesthetic quotient of outdoor domains.

Materials for Exterior Coping and Treads

Which materials are predominantly utilized for crafting exterior coping and treads?
For exterior coping and treads, natural stones like granite, limestone , and sandstone are the go-to choices. Their appeal lies in their robustness, extended lifespan, and capability to endure diverse climatic conditions. In recent times, concrete and porcelain have also emerged as favored materials, primarily due to the expansive design possibilities they present

Selection Criteria for Coping and Treads

How should one go about selecting the apt type and design for exterior coping and treads?
The selection process for exterior coping and treads is influenced by several determinants, including the architectural ethos of the property, individual tastes, and the envisaged utility. Engaging with a seasoned contractor or design expert can be invaluable in pinpointing the optimal materials, sizes, and finishes that resonate with your distinct needs

Benefits of Exterior Slabs in Landscaping

What makes exterior slabs a preferred choice for landscaping endeavors?
Exterior slabs bring forth a plethora of advantages when incorporated into landscaping designs. Primarily, they promise a robust and enduring surface adept at resisting diverse climatic challenges, ensuring your alfresco spaces retain their charm for an extended period. The vast array of dimensions, forms, and hues in which exterior slabs are available paves the way for boundless artistic expression and tailoring options. What’s more, the low upkeep demands of these slabs make them a boon for homeowners with hectic schedules or commercial establishments. A noteworthy feature of exterior slabs is their anti-slip surface, which significantly curtails the likelihood of mishaps, guaranteeing a safe outdoor milieu.

Installation Guide for Exterior Slabs

What’s the recommended procedure for setting up exterior slabs?

Effectively installing exterior slabs necessitates meticulous strategizing and implementation. Here’s a step-by-step guide to facilitate the process:

  1. Site Prepping: Initiate by purging the designated area of any rubble, flora, or antiquated paving elements. It’s crucial to ensure a level and firmly compacted terrain to lay a solid foundation for the slabs.

  2. Base Laying: Dispense a layer of compacted and even aggregate base substance to forge a sturdy and permeable bedrock for the slabs. This stratum aids in water drainage and deters slab displacement or subsidence in the long run.

  3. Slab Placement: Deliberately position the slabs in the envisaged layout, maintaining a slight separation (typically between 2-5mm) amidst each slab to accommodate jointing compounds. Employ a spirit level to ascertain the slabs are uniformly placed and aligned.

  4. Slab Jointing: Populate the interstices between the slabs with a jointing agent, like sand or a specialized polymeric variant, and sweep it into the crevices using a broom. This step not only elevates the visual appeal but also fortifies the slabs and thwarts the sprouting of weeds.

  5. Compaction and Final Touches: Conclude by utilizing a plate compactor to solidify the slabs’ position and yield a sleek, consistent finish. If deemed necessary, administer a sealant or protective overlay to augment the slabs’ lifespan and aesthetic quotient.

It’s paramount to adhere to the directives provided by the slab manufacturer and to solicit expert counsel if any phase of the installation appears ambiguous.


Exterior pool mosaics are not just decorative elements but also bring a host of advantages to the table. Primarily, they elevate the visual allure of the pool zone, crafting a captivating and distinct backdrop. Their adaptability allows for tailoring, ensuring the mosaics resonate with the overarching pool design, infusing a touch of individuality. Durability is another hallmark of these mosaics, as they are crafted to resist color fading, promising a vibrant appearance for years. Their resilience to diverse climatic conditions further cements their status as a worthy long-term investment. A standout feature of pool mosaics is their anti-slip nature, which amplifies safety, making pool sessions more secure and pleasurable.

Installation Process for Pool Mosaics

Effectively installing exterior pool mosaics necessitates a systematic approach. The initial step revolves around prepping the pool’s surface, ensuring it’s devoid of impurities and is uniformly smooth. Subsequently, an apt adhesive is smeared onto the pool facade, paving the way for the mosaic tiles to be meticulously positioned, in line with the envisioned design or motif. Precision in tile alignment and spacing is pivotal to realize a cohesive appearance. Post the adhesive setting, grout is employed to occupy the voids between the tiles. The culmination of the process involves purging any residual grout and buffing the tiles to achieve a polished, refined look. Engaging a professional with a track record in pool mosaic installations is advisable to guarantee impeccable and enduring outcomes.

Exploring Mosaic Stones with NT Pavers

What types of mosaic stones does NT Pavers offer for interiors?
NT Pavers boasts a diverse range of mosaic stones tailored for interiors. Some of their popular offerings include Bottucino Marble Mosaic, Earthstone Travertine Mosaic, Golden Cream Limestone Mosaic, and Imperial White Carrara Marble Mosaic, among others.
Mosaic stones from NT Pavers are meticulously curated to offer unique and high-quality designs. Their intricate patterns and natural beauty can transform any interior space, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication.


How can I select the best mosaic stone for my project?
When choosing a mosaic stone, consider the overall design vision of your space. NT Pavers’ team of designers and sales experts can guide you in selecting the best stone that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

While mosaic stones are generally durable, it’s essential to follow specific care and maintenance guidelines based on the type of stone. Regular cleaning and avoiding harsh chemicals can help maintain the stone’s natural beauty and prolong its lifespan.


What variety of natural stone mouldings does NT Pavers offer?
NT Pavers presents a diverse collection of natural stone mouldings. Their assortment includes Bottucino Marble Mouldings, Bursa Beige Marble Mouldings, Earthstone Travertine Mouldings, and Gold Travertine Mouldings, among others, ensuring a fit for various design aesthetics.
Natural stone mouldings from NT Pavers bring an element of luxury and sophistication to interior spaces. Their intricate designs and natural beauty can accentuate architectural features, create visual interest, and provide a refined finish to any room, making them a popular choice for those seeking an elevated design appeal.


What types of finishes are available for NT Pavers' natural stone tiles?
NT Pavers offers a diverse range of finishes for their natural stone tiles, catering to various design preferences. The available finishes include Polished, Honed, Tumbled, and Honed and Filled, ensuring a versatile selection for different interior settings.
Natural stone tiles from Elegance exude timeless beauty and sophistication. Their unique patterns, textures, and natural color variations can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any interior space. Whether it’s the elegance of marble or the rustic charm of travertine, these tiles add a touch of luxury and character to rooms, making them a preferred choice for interior design enthusiasts.


What unique advantages do natural stone tiles bring to residential and commercial interiors?

Natural stone tiles are synonymous with durability and timeless elegance. Their diverse color palette, intricate patterns, and varied finishes offer unmatched design versatility. Beyond aesthetics, these tiles are renowned for their heat resistance and ease of maintenance. When incorporated into homes or commercial spaces, they not only elevate the ambiance but can also significantly boost the property’s market value.

To maintain the natural allure of stone tiles, regular sweeping or vacuuming is essential to prevent dirt accumulation. For cleaning, opt for pH-neutral solutions tailored for natural stone to preserve the tile’s integrity. Steer clear of abrasive tools or strong chemicals that risk surface damage. Periodic sealing enhances the tile’s resistance to stains and moisture. For optimal care, especially considering the specific stone type, seeking professional guidance is advisable.


What distinct benefits do interior porcelain tiles bring to residential and commercial spaces?
Interior porcelain tiles are a fusion of durability and design versatility. Their resistance to wear and tear, such as cracks, scratches, and stains, makes them a top pick for areas with frequent foot traffic. The myriad of colors, designs, and finishes they come in caters to diverse aesthetic preferences. Moreover, their ease of maintenance, especially in moisture-prone zones like bathrooms and kitchens, is commendable. Their non-porous surface acts as a barrier against mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, ensuring a sanitary and fresh ambiance.
Certainly! The adaptability of interior porcelain tiles is one of their standout features. Suitable for both wall and floor applications, they offer a harmonious design flow throughout a space. With a variety of dimensions, forms, and densities, they open up a realm of design possibilities. Whether the aim is a lavish floor reminiscent of marble or a contemporary wall backsplash, porcelain tiles fit the bill. Their robust nature paired with their lasting beauty ensures that both floors and walls retain their charm over the years.


What types of natural stone saddles does NT Pavers offer for interiors?
NT Pavers offers a curated selection of natural stone saddles designed to enhance interior spaces. Some of their standout offerings include the Bottucino Marble Saddle, Imperial White Carrara Marble Saddle, and Roman Travertine Saddle. Each saddle is crafted with precision, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.
Natural stone saddles from NT Pavers bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to any interior setting. Their natural patterns, textures, and color variations add depth and character to spaces. Whether used as transition pieces between rooms or as decorative elements, these saddles seamlessly blend with various design styles, adding a refined finish to interiors.


What variety of natural stone slabs does NT Pavers offer for interior spaces?
NT Pavers presents a diverse collection of natural stone slabs, perfect for enhancing interior designs. Their range includes materials such as Marble SlabsTravertine Slabs, Porcelain Slabs, Limestone SlabsQuartz Slabs, and Sintered Stone. Notable offerings include the Afyon White Marble Polished Interior Slab, Bardiglio Marble Brushed Interior Slab, and Calacatta Light Interior Porcelain Slab, among others.
Natural stone slabs from NT Pavers are a testament to luxury and sophistication. Their unique patterns, textures, and natural hues can transform any interior space, adding depth and character. Whether used for countertops, wall claddings, or flooring, these slabs provide a touch of elegance and timeless beauty, making them a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike


What are some of the latest additions to the Elegance collection?

NT Pavers continuously updates its collection to offer the latest in design and quality. Some of the recent additions include Alpine Porcelain Pavers, Antracite Porcelain Pavers, Ash Porcelain Pavers (Modular Pattern), and Avorio Porcelain Pavers, among others. Each product is crafted with precision, ensuring it meets the high standards NT Pavers is known for.

NT Pavers’ new arrivals are a reflection of current design trends, ensuring homeowners and designers have access to the latest styles and materials. Whether it’s the sleek finish of the Antracite Porcelain Pavers or the rustic charm of the Bluestone, these products are designed to elevate both interior and exterior spaces, aligning with contemporary design aesthetics.


What types of paver pedestals does NT Pavers offer?
NT Pavers provides a diverse range of adjustable paver pedestals, designed to cater to various installation needs. Some of the notable products include the E3 Elegance Adjustable Paver Pedestal, E4 Elegance Adjustable Paver Pedestal, and E5 Elegance Adjustable Paver Pedestal. Each pedestal is crafted to ensure stability and precision for paver installations.
NT Pavers’ pedestals are engineered to offer a stable and level foundation for pavers. They allow for easy height adjustments, ensuring a uniform surface even on uneven grounds. This not only simplifies the installation process but also ensures longevity and durability of the paved area, be it terraces, patios, or walkways.


Why are corner shelves a popular choice for interior design?
Corner shelves are a sought-after solution in interior design due to their ability to transform unused corner spaces into functional storage or display zones. They not only declutter and organize a room but also enhance its aesthetic appeal, making it a favorite among homeowners and designers.

Corner shelves are synonymous with space efficiency. They utilize often-overlooked vertical space, especially in smaller rooms, ensuring optimal storage without occupying much floor space. Their strategic placement can also elevate a room’s design, presenting opportunities to showcase decor or personal artifacts.


How can one ensure the best corner shelf selection for their space?

The key to selecting the ideal corner shelves lies in understanding their intended purpose, be it storage, display, or both. Accurate corner measurements, room decor compatibility, and shelf weight capacity are crucial factors to consider. Exploring various designs within a set budget can lead to a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Yes, the material and design of corner shelves play a pivotal role in their appeal. Materials like wood, metal, or glass can be chosen based on the room’s decor. Designs ranging from rustic to contemporary can be selected to complement the overall room aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive look


Is investing in Elegance Porcelain Pavers a wise decision?

Absolutely! While every material has its pros and cons, Elegance Porcelain Pavers stand out as a cost-effective and versatile option for outdoor spaces like patios, driveways, and backyards. Their fade-resistant nature eliminates the need for sealing, unlike marble. Moreover, they’re resilient against cold climates and chemical interactions, ensuring longevity.

Sunlight can be a concern for many outdoor materials, but Elegance Porcelain Pavers have been designed with this in mind. While they tend to absorb more heat than some natural stones, selecting pavers in lighter hues can significantly reduce heat retention. Interestingly, when pitted against materials like blue stone, even the darker variants of Elegance Porcelain Pavers demonstrate superior performance under the sun’s rays.

When considering an investment in outdoor flooring, cost is often a pivotal factor. Elegance Porcelain Pavers emerge as a more economical choice compared to many natural stone alternatives. Their competitive pricing, coupled with the added advantage of low maintenance, makes them an attractive option for homeowners seeking both value and quality.

Elegance Porcelain Pavers offer a plethora of benefits that give them an edge over traditional concrete. Not only do they resist common issues like staining and chemical damage, but they also eliminate the need for periodic sealing. This translates to reduced maintenance efforts and costs over their lifespan.

Durability is a hallmark of Elegance Porcelain Pavers. Manufactured under high temperatures, these pavers boast a density and toughness that surpasses many natural stone options. Once laid, homeowners can rest assured of their longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

One of the standout features of Elegance Porcelain Pavers is their exceptional resistance to stains. Routine cleaning with water or a pH-neutral detergent is typically sufficient. However, for more tenacious stains, a specialized cleaning solution might be recommended. 

Absolutely! The Elegance 1 ¼” Super Hard Porcelain Pavers are crafted with a dense structure, making them apt for driveway applications. Moreover, Elegance 3CM Porcelain pavers are a popular choice for both driveways and pedestrian pathways.
Yes, porcelain pavers can be seamlessly laid over a sand foundation. For a comprehensive guide on this installation method, please watch this detailed video.
Safety is paramount, and Elegance porcelain pavers are designed with this in mind. They boast an R-11 slip resistance rating, ensuring they remain non-slippery even in wet conditions. This makes them an ideal choice for pool areas and other moisture-prone zones. For a real-world example, here’s a video showcasing a customer who installed a vast 10,000 sq ft of Elegance porcelain around their pool.

Elegance suggests three primary techniques for installing their porcelain pavers:

  1. Sand Method: A traditional approach where pavers are laid over a sand base. View the sand installation guide here.
  2. Gravel Method: Ideal for areas requiring enhanced drainage. Watch the gravel installation tutorial here.
  3. Screed Method: A technique where pavers are set on a concrete screed. Check out the screed installation video for more insights.