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Tile Cleaner: For Porcelain Pavers

Uses: both interior and exterior application

Coverage: 110-120 sqft / Liter

Application Equipment: White Pad, Single Disk Machine

Packaging: 1L – 12 bottles/bx, 5L – 4 bottles/bx


Tile Cleaner is a slightly acidic cleaner for deep cleaning of surfaces and to remove patinas and residues.
Water-based Acid Ph

TILE CLEANER is a slightly acidic, water-based cleaner for deep cleaning of different surfaces. The special formula allows the product to penetrate inside the pores and texture deep down. In this way, TILE CLEANER is able to dissolve and remove the dirt that has built up on the material, even in cases of old, stubborn residues to restore the original appearance of the material.

When used undiluted, TILE CLEANER serves to remove surface patinas from incorrect routine maintenance carried out using unsuitable cleaners and it is also active on patinas caused from grout and seals, whether cement or epoxy based.



✓ Concentrated formula
✓ Highly effective against the surface patina
✓ Great cleaning power
✓ Deep extractive action


Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
Suitable for Slate, Sandstone, Basaltina – Lava stone, Molten basalt, Glazed, ceramics, Clinker, Cotto, Granite, Polished porcelain tiles, Natural porcelain tiles, Textured porcelain tiles, Reconstituted stone (Eco stone), Porphyry, Quarzite, Terracotta, Tuff


White Pad, Single disk machine

Before applying the product it is necessary to take a preliminary test to evaluate the suitability of the product on an unexposed area or unused piece of material
Surface Preparation
• Before proceeding with the cleaning, it is advisable to clean away any surface
residues, such as dust, debris, and coarse dirt, using a broom or a vacuum
• Protect any surface close by that is not meant to be treated.
• Apply the product to a dry surface with a temperature between +5 e +40°C
• Wait at least 2 days after the installation for the grouting to cure completely

• Dilute the product in clean water. Pour 1 part of product into 2 or 3 parts of
water, according to the type of dirt and the severity of the residues.
• Begin to work the product on the surface, using the preferred tool.
• Let the product act for 10 – 20 minutes, working it every now and then to boost its cleaning power.
• Once the time has passed, remove all residues and rinse the whole surface with plenty of water. If the result is only partially achieved, repeat the application process following the same steps and if necessary, slightly increase the concentration of the product in water.

Resume surface use

After carefully removing any residues and rinsing the surface with water, no further action or waiting time is necessary

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