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Cement Remover: For Porcelain Pavers

Uses: both interior and exterior application

Coverage: 110-120 sqft / Liter

Application Equipment: White Pad, Single Disk Machine

Packaging: 1L – 12 bottles/bx, 5L – 4 bottles/bx


Post-installation concentrated acidic detergent, it removes cement and inorganic dirt.
Water-based Acid Ph

CEMENT REMOVER is a concentrated acidic detergent specifically developed for post-installation cleaning when a cement-based grout has been used.

The action of CEMENT REMOVER eliminates all residues of glue, grout and varnish, without changing the colour of joints and restoring the original appearance to treated surfaces. It is also extremely effective when it comes to removing inorganic dirt and saline efflorescence.

CEMENT REMOVER is a product that can be applied to all acid-resistant materials which need to be cleaned at the end of the installation processes or following grouting operations done with adhesives, mortar or cement-based grout.


✓ Concentrated Formula
✓ High cleaning power
✓ Great de-scaling action
✓ Versatile


Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Suitable for Marble-quartz agglomerate, Slate, Sandstone, Basaltina – Lava stone, Molten basalt, Glazed ceramics, Clinker, Bricks, Granite, Polished porcelain tiles, Natural porcelain tiles, Textured porcelain tiles, Reconstituted stone (Eco stone), Porphyry, Quarzite, Terracotta, Tuff

White Pad, Single disk machine

Before applying the product it is necessary taking a preliminary test to evaluate the suitability of the product on an unexposed area or unused piece of material

Surface Preparation
• Before proceeding with the cleaning, it is advisable to clean away any surface residues, such as dust, debris, and coarse dirt, using a broom or a vacuum
• Wait for the surface to be treated to be completely dry.
• Any surfaces close by not to be treated with the product must be protected.
• Apply the product to surfaces with a temperature between +5 and +40°C
• When applying to recently laid or grouted surfaces, wait at least 2 days for
the adhesive or grout to cure completely.

• Dilute the product in clean water. Pour 1 part product into 2 parts of water.
• Begin to work the product on the surface, rubbing the surface with the tool of your choice.
• Let the product act for 5 – 10 minutes, while working the product every now and then to boost and aid the cleansing action of the product.
• Once the time has passed, remove all residues and rinse the whole floor with plenty of water. If the result is only partially achieved, repeat the application process following the same steps and if necessary, slightly increase the concentration of the product in water.

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