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Perimeter Plastic Spacer Clip

Description: Designed to avoid contact and give a buffer between the outdoor tiles and the wall. Using these clips ensure a stable floor surface and a straight and elegant perimeter.

Includes: 1 plastic spacer clip


Perimeter Plastic Spacer Clip

The Perimeter Plastic Spacer Clip is a simple yet effective tool. It is designed to maintain a neat gap between outdoor tiles and walls. This will assure you a stable, flat surface and a clean, straight edge around the perimeter. These premium qualities offer a great way to create a seamless look in your paving project. Each package contains one plastic spacer clip. They come in boxes of 200 pieces, making them easy to stock up on and use for larger projects. These clips are essential for anyone looking to achieve a professional-looking finish on their outdoor tiling job. See our collection of Pedestal Pavers.

Packing Info:

  1. 1 box – 200 pcs


Additional information

Weight 0.000000 kg
Dimensions 0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm

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