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EQ Slope Corrector – 5%

COMPENSATES SLOPES – EQ Slope Corrector – 5%

Description: It is an additional component that transforms EQ Pedestals from a fixed support to a self-levelling one, with tilting head.
Exclusive in its simplicity and practical to use, the EQ Elegance Slope Adjuster component is applied under the Queen head to allow it to tilt.


EQ Slope Corrector – 5%

The EQ Slope Corrector is a unique solution that transforms EQ Pedestals into self-leveling supports. It can compensate for slopes as steep as 5%. This innovative element has a tilting head. It makes the corrector extremely practical and straightforward to use. Simply position the EQ Elegance Slope Adjuster beneath the Queen’s head. It allows for smooth tilting and leveling. This unique design will ensure an exact adjustment. It ensures a completely level surface, even on rough terrain. Its simplicity and efficacy make it an essential attachment for a variety of applications, ensuring a dependable and secure base for your equipment. For more, See our EQ Pedestal Collection.

Packaging Info:

  1. Pcs per Box – 50 pcs

10 Advantages of EQ Pedestal Line:

  1. Fast Water Drainage
  2. Cavity for Pipes (Easy Inspection)
  3. Fast Laying
  4. Light System
  5. Acoustic Insulation
  6. High Loading Capacity
  7. Absorption of Dilatations
  8. Thermal Insulation
  9. Self-Leveling
  10. Recycled and Recyclable Material


Additional information

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