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EQ3 Pedestal | 1 7/50″ – 1 46/63″

SUPPORT EXTENSION FROM 1 7/50″ – 1 46/63″

EQ3 is the Pedestal support with a fixed head designed to create elevated outdoor flooring at low heights. The EQ3 support height, by adjusting the screw it goes from a minimum of 1 7/50″ – 1 46/63″


EQ3 Pedestal | 1 7/50″ – 1 46/63

The EQ3 Pedestal support features a fixed head. It is a versatile solution for creating elevated outdoor flooring at various low heights. The simple adjustment of the screw and the support will gain a height of 1 7/50 inches and a maximum height of 1 46/63 inches. It provides flexibility to support different project requirements. This adjustable feature will assure you accurate leveling and stability for the flooring structure. It will improve both the functionality and aesthetics of outdoor spaces. Whether it is residential patios, garden terraces, or commercial decking projects, the EQ3 support offers reliable support for elevated flooring with ease of installation and maintenance. For more, See our EQ Pedestal Collection.

SUPPORT EXTENSION FROM 1 7/50″ – 1 46/63″

EQ3 – like all supports – can transform the head position from fixed to self-levelling with a 5% compensation capacity , thanks to the slope adjuster.

The EQ3 support base has a central hole for water drainage. The bicomponent head with triple tabs simplifies laying and reduces the stock necessary.

Packaging Info:

  • Box Weight – 39 lbs.
  • Pcs per Box – 60 pcs

10 Advantages of EQ Pedestal Line:

  1. Fast Water Drainage
  2. Cavity for Pipes (Easy Inspection)
  3. Fast Laying
  4. Light System
  5. Acoustic Insulation
  6. High Loading Capacity
  7. Absorption of Dilatations
  8. Thermal Insulation
  9. Self-Leveling
  10. Recycled and Recyclable Material


Additional information

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