Why Choose Marble Coping?

Why Choose Marble Coping

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Why Choose Marble Coping?

Marble is among the best materials you can use for your swimming pool. It is durable, timeless, and will provide a luxurious finish to the area. Likewise, it will elevate your property’s value and make your waterline safer, especially when you use high-quality marble pool copings. Here are some more interesting facts to know about marble and why it is great for your pool:

Marble pavers and copings come in different colors, cuts, and textures. For example, Bayrock Stone offers Blue Marble in French Patterned pavers, Four different lengths of copings, Veneer Stone Tiles, and Slabs. Both in tumbled and sandblasted.

·         Safe – Marble can naturally resist bacteria and other harmful elements that can thrive in materials. Sandblasted marble pavers for your pool deck and copings for the swimming pool will provide extra grip for feet, so people can avoid slipping and falling. Any sandblasted materials for full enhancement must be sealed.

·         Easy to clean – With marble, your pool can be easier to clean, usually only with water and mild soap. The material is naturally stain-resistant, too, but be sure to clean up spills from colored and acidic liquids to prevent permanent stains.

·         Long Lasting – Marble is here to stay for years and years as long as it’s cared for. It is extremely strong and durable.