When choosing a natural stone for your patio or pool deck you should consider the finish.

travertine stone

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NT Trading offers a large selection of travertine stone in many colors and sizes for both interior and exterior use. This natural stone comes in a tumbled finish which gives the appearance of a classical, old-world look. This is a process of rounding and chipping the edges to soften the look.

Another popular choice this year has been our marble pool copings and paver stones. Our customer’s love the coolness of marble under their feet and we stock this in two different finishes, tumbled/brushed and sandblasted which are both well-received. These finishes look beautifully mixed also. Choose sandblasted pool coping in Elegance Blue marble and do the decking in tumbled blue, looks amazing.

 Sandblasted stone can be use anywhere. The texture is very similar to that of a concrete sidewalk. It is highly slip-resistant and very durable, making it ideal in wet areas such as pool decks, steps, and walkways. The brilliance of the stone comes through when sandblasted materials are sealed. www.ntpavers.com