The advantages of using marble or travertine for pool copings, pool areas, decks and patios

Travertine Pool Deck &marble pavers

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In the heat of the summer, even pools decks and coping can get extremely hot. The coolest natural stone that can be used to remedy this is issue is travertine and or marble which will remain comfortable to touch. 

This natural stone originates in Turkey where the climate is warm. Here in this part of the world, specifically here in the northeastern part of the US, our weather can be extreme. NT Trading offers Elegance Collection first quality marble and travertine that will stand up through our harshest of winters.  It is the second quality material that does fine in our warmer areas like Florida but it is NOT meant for the our region.

These materials don’t stain or fade if sealed. We highly recommend sealing our strongest sandblasted marbles for enhancement; Blue, Afyon Ice, Crema Winter, and Rain Cloud Marbles.

Marble pavers resist bacteria, preventing any harmful elements from thriving in the pool area. Tumbled marble pavers provide a strong grip to prevent slipping and falling incidents.

Since the ancient times, artists have been using marble for creating sculptures not just because of the beauty of this material but also because of its durability. When you use marble pavers, you don’t have to worry about changing it for the years to come. Indeed, it is a great investment.