Should Pool Copings and Pavers Match?

Porcelain Pavers

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Matching is a style question that has existed for ages. When it comes to fashion, interior, and architectural design, should the copings, treads, and pavers always match? We say ABSOLUTELY NOT! Have fun and create a work of art by mixing and matching not only pool copings, but the pavers as well. For example, NT Trading Walnut pavers pair nicely with the Ella travertine pavers. Or try pairing NT Pavers Antico Pavers with a Blue Marble 6”x12” border. The possibilities are endless!

Why do we suggest mixing materials? Because the beauty of natural stone is in the variation, that’s what makes it one of a kind. Mixing colors only highlight the beauty of the stone, giving your outdoor pavers a luxe look with minimal effort. Who doesn’t love that? Even when choosing natural stones with already minimal variations, mix and match to add depth to the outdoor space, as having a monotone look does not capitalize on the possibilities of NT Pavers stones.  If you are wary of mixing natural stone, try NT Trading Ivory French Pattern Pavers with NT Trading Walnut treads or pool coping. The combination of similar tones of brown and beige will add depth to your space. Another suggestion is to try NT Trading Ivory treads for your steps and install NT Pavers Ella Veneer or Ledger on the risers to add some character.

The possibilities are truly endless. Take a chance with different materials and create a unique space with NT Pavers material. We carry pool copings in 12”x24”, 12”x48”, 12”x72”, 16”x72” with both an eased edge and bullnose edge. We also carry pavers! Come take a look at our French Pattern (8”x8”, 8”x16”, 16”x16”, 16”x24”) and each individual sizes. Stop by our showroom to see the material for yourself!