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Ivory Travertine Pier Caps

Material: Travertine

Thickness: 2”

Surface: Tumbled


  • 24”x24” – Tumbled (All 4 sides bullnose edge)


Ivory Travertine Pier Caps

The Ivory Travertine Pier Caps from NT Pavers are meticulously crafted from premium travertine to elevate your outdoor architecture. Each cap boasts a luxurious 2-inch thickness and a classic tumbled surface finish for a timeless look. Designed with attention to detail, the 24”x24” size features all four sides finished with a graceful bullnose edge, adding sophistication to pillars and posts. Immerse your outdoor space in elegance with these artisanal pier caps, meticulously honed for durability and beauty. Whether accentuating a garden entrance or defining outdoor structures, the Ivory Travertine Pier Caps epitomize the perfect blend of craftsmanship and style. Rejuvenate your landscape with NT Pavers’ exquisite travertine pier caps.

Country of Origin: Turkey


Pool, Patio, Facade, Steps, Treads, Caps, SPA and more…

Packing Info:

  • 24”x24” – 1 crate (20 pcs) = 80 sq ft.

Test Results:

  • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (by TCNA) – 0.66
  • Absorption & Density – 0.80 & 2.51
  • Compressive Strength (Dry – Avg PSI) – 18,310
  • Resistance to Freeze-Thaw – PASSED


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