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Ivory Travertine 2″ Slab

Material: Travertine

Thickness: 2” and 1 ¼”

Surface: Tumbled


  • 6’x9’ (approximate)


Ivory Travertine 2″ Slabs

The Ivory Travertine 2″ Slab combines the beautiful and soft hues of ivory with the durability and distressed look of the travertine. This gives the already unique and beautiful travertine a richer and distinctive look that sets it apart from other natural stones. The rough texture and veining effects mimic the looks of a hot spring. This Ivory Travertine 2″ Slab are perfact choice for patio areas and pool flooring. They are even good options got countertops for both residential and commercial applications. You can enjoy the rusted charm of travertine with durability without a question.

Origin: Turkey


Pool, Patio, Facade, Rooftop, Steps, Treads, Caps

Custom Fabrication:

NT Pavers also offers custom fabrication services to manage special orders in 2 weeks. We cut, bullnose, ease edge and miter both natural stone and porcelain in New Jersey.

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