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Charisma Trend Honed Porcelain Slab

Material: Porcelain

Thickness: 7mm (almost 9/32”)

Surface: Honed


  • 47”x102”x7mm


Charisma Trend Honed Porcelain Slab

This honed surfaced charisma slab is your go-to choice for creating a stunning and calm contemporary environment. The hones surface features a thickness of 7mm (almost 9/32”). The size of the slab is 47”x102”x 7mm. This Charisma Trend Honed 7mmPorcelain Slab is a great choice for any setting from residential to medium-use commercial spaces. The gray hones surface features a white veining pattern giving it a great look suitable for a wide range of interior projects. The most suited application for this porcelain slab is the Bathroom, Walkway, Entryway, Flooring, Shower Walls, and Kitchen. It originated from Turkey, this gray honed slab is the ultimate choice for a bolder and minimalist design.

Country of Origin: Italy


Bathroom, Walkway, Entryway, Flooring, Shower Walls, Kitchen

Custom Fabrication:

Elegance also offers custom fabrication services to manage special orders in 2 weeks. We cut, bullnose, ease edge and miter both natural stone and porcelain in New Jersey.

Service Areas:

New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), New York (NY) , Long Island (LI), New Hampshire (NH), Rhode Island (RI), Michigan (MI), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Texas (TX) , Arizona (AZ), Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), Pennsylvania (PA), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), California (CA), Illinois (IL), Ohio (OH), Nevada (NV).

For more information, please visit our YouTube channel.

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