Porcelain Pavers And Pedestal Systems – Perfect Together For Roof Decking, Raised Terraces, Or Outdoor Elevated Flooring.

pedestal system

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The Pedestal system is a high point of contemporary paving. It is based on a series of adjustable modular supports that simply and safely adapt to all kinds of floors. It ensures elegant, homogenous paving each time, without having to subject your project to any structural work. It eradicates problems of dampness, water infiltration and is great for hiding pipes and wires.

With the Elegance Pedestal system, you can easily compensate for slight unevenness, irregularities and any gradients on the laying surface creating a perfectly stable and flat paved surface.
The pedestal design allows for the laying surface and any installed services to be accessed and maintained without damaging the paving.

Since the design trends are moving towards large format porcelain tile, NT Trading offers the perfect match with our 24”x24”, 32”x32”, and 20”x40” Italian pavers.  The result is a quick, sleek, clean, jointless install to be enjoyed for years to come.