Make Your Yard More “Elegant”: Pattern Ideas for Italian Porcelain Pavers

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Choosing the right paver for your yard is not an easy decision.

You have to think of materials: what will be durable enough to stand up to rough weather and regular use, yet still look beautiful over time?

You have to think of color: what will best suit the other landscaping elements (plants, the size of your yard, etc.)?

You have to think of comfort: which textures will be best for your family, neighbors, and pets to walk on each day?

And finally, you have to think of patterns: what’s going to be the best-looking layout?

At Elegance US, we want your yard to be your own personal oasis, and we know that the right paver can make all the difference. That’s why we’re proud to offer you the very best exterior pavers you’ll find anywhere – including a great selection of Italian porcelain. Special thanks to for inspiration! 

About Italian Porcelain Pavers

As the name suggests, Italian porcelain pavers originated in Italy. Outdoor porcelain pavers are quickly becoming the hottest trend in landscape design, thanks to their beautiful look and incredible durability.

Porcelain pavers are stain-resistant, durable enough to withstand heavy use, and less likely to develop rot or mold than stone or wood options. Best of all, the high-end glazing techniques used to create these pavers make them exceptionally beautiful – even years after installation!

Our Favorite Pattern Ideas

If you’re considering adding Italian porcelain pavers to your yard, we commend you – you clearly have excellent tastes! But how should you arrange these pavers in your yard? The answer depends on the look you want to achieve.

Here are a few of our favorite paver patterns. They just might inspire you!

Elegance Herringbone at 90 Degrees

If you’re planning to use your outdoor porcelain pavers on a tall space (like the walls of a pool or a garden wall), take a classic herringbone pattern and tilt it upwards 90 degrees. This subtle shift will draw the eye upward, making your space feel larger overall. This pattern is also incredibly strong, which makes it a great choice if you plan to have heavy furniture in your yard or use the space every day.

porcelain pavers

Elegance Step Ladder

Do you want to make a small part of your yard (like a narrow walkway or small, covered patio) feel larger and more open? One of the best ways to do this is to arrange your rectangular pavers in a step ladder pattern. This pattern is like the herringbone, but instead of drawing the eye up, the diagonal point of the pattern draws the eye outward.

outdoor porcelain pavers

Elegance Classic Subway

If you’ve ever visited the New York City subways, you’re likely familiar with this classic tile pattern. The subway pattern is rather simple. It’s just rows of pavers in straight, clean lines, slightly offset from one another. However, the simplicity of this design gives it a cool, minimalist look – and if you use Italian porcelain to achieve this look, the finished product is even chicer.

laying porcelain paving

Elegance Geometric Look

This pattern features two horizontal pavers placed alongside two vertical ones. It’s simple, yet unexpected, and the finished product is really fun! This is a great pattern for large paved areas like pool decks or fully paved yards, as it adds a unique design touch to the overall look of your landscape.

belgard porcelain pavers

Elegance Classic at a Diagonal

Let’s say that you want to give the classic subway look a modern upgrade. How would you do it? The answer is easy: rotate the pattern 45 degrees! This slight change can make a big difference in the overall look of your pavement. It’s also a great choice if you have an irregular-shaped yard, as the diagonal direction of the pavers can help draw the eye to a focal point like your pool or seating area.

arterra pavers

Elegance Stacked Vertical

This pattern is as simple as they come – your pavers are placed vertically in a few straight lines. This is ideal for folks who want to pave long, thin areas like a small walkway or a series of steps. The pattern’s simplicity won’t distract from the other elements in your yard, while the pavers will still look exceptional.

msi pavers

Elegance 90 Degree Classic

This time, we’ve taken the classic subway pattern and flipped it 90 degrees, so it stands completely vertical. Again, this is a great choice for a narrow backyard area, as it helps make space appear larger overall. It’s also a unique and unexpected option!

24x24 porcelain pavers

Elegance Stacked Tile

Do you like the lines of the subway pattern, but wish they were a little… cleaner? This stacked paver pattern is ideal for you. Instead of offsetting each row, the pavers are lined up perfectly, creating a sleek grid pattern that’s very modern. This is a great layout for people who want a simple, clean look for their outdoor pavers.

arterra porcelain pavers

Elegance Stacked Vertical – Alternating

This pattern starts with a stacked vertical layout but then offsets the rows just slightly. This adds a little drama to the overall pattern and makes for a fun look in your yard! Use this pattern on pool decks or seating areas for a clean design with a little more visual flair.

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Elegance Classic Herringbone

The herringbone paver pattern is one of the most popular landscaping options around. You’ve probably seen this look in your neighbors’ yards, your family member’s yards, and maybe even your own! But there’s a reason that the herringbone is just a fixture in the landscaping industry – this pattern looks great in yards of any size! If you’re looking for a tried and true paving pattern, you can’t go wrong with this one.

grey porcelain paving

Elegance Stacked Horizontal – Alternating

Like the vertical alternating, this pattern takes the horizontal “stacked tile” look and offsets the pavers. The finished look is unique and fun but still looks clean enough for any minimalist to fall in love with it. This pattern is great for square or rectangular paved areas like seating areas or outdoor grilling stations.

porcelain pool coping

Elegance Herringbone at 45 degrees

Finally, let’s take a look at the last herringbone variation layout pattern. This option rotates the classic herringbone pattern 45 degrees so that the pavers point off to either side of the space. This keeps the viewer’s eyes traveling around the yard and creates an overall feeling of vastness – which makes it perfect for smaller yards!

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Give Your Yard a Little Extra “Elegance”

Whether you want a clean, minimalist pattern or a unique and artistic look in your yard, there’s no better option than beautiful Italian porcelain pavers. And if you want your pavers to look their very best, there’s no better supplier than !

Contact us today to learn how we can transform your yard into the paradise you deserve.