Judging a Book By Its Cover, Judging a Home by its Facing

outdoor kitchen space

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As the old saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes we all can’t help but judge a house by its exterior! That’s why we offer a wide range of natural stone veneers and ledgers to choose from for your home exterior. Siding is not just limited to homes though. Add a unique touch to the side of your Jacuzzi, pool, or outdoor kitchen space with travertine or marble.

When planning your space, an important design aspect to keep in mind is making sure all sidings match if you choose to use it in multiple spaces of your home. For example, the outdoor kitchen space and pool siding should match. Looking for a rustic look? Try NT Trading’s Ella Travertine 4” x Mix Sizes, warm reddish gold with swirls of sienna that draw your eye in with interesting patterns. Modern look more your style? White Afyon Ice Marble 6” x 24” ledger stones are bright, white, and a stunning sight for anyone looking to have a more minimal design. The 6” x 24” ledger, whether you choose travertine or marble, are easy to install as they come already on a mesh backing which can be adhered to any surface.

We carry Silver, Ella, Noce, Ivory Travertine as well as Afyon and Blue Marble Pavers. You can choose from 6” x24” or 4” x Mix Sizes. But of course, nothing is better than seeing this material in person so come by to check out our showroom anytime!