How to use Marble Slabs?

Afyon White Marble Polished

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How to use marble slabs?

 Making An Elegant Statement: NT Trading Offers An Array of Marble Slabs

There is nothing more elegant than using marble in your bathroom. One tends to think of marble in the white family, like Carrara or Calacatta. NT Trading offers a large variety of marbles from a more masculine feel like Tundra grey with a dark grey marble and white veining to one with creamy beige hues like our polished Bursa Beige. Lately, decorators can’t seem to get enough of the classic Imperial White in kitchen spaces. This transforms any space for a WOW factor. If you’re looking for marble for a fireplace surround in a more formal setting, the Blue Brushed Bardiglio makes quite a statement. Please view our catalogs at

Afyon White Marble Polished 3/4″

Afyon White Marble Polished 1 1/4″

Bardiglio Marble Brushed 1 1/4″

Blue Marble Sandblasted 1 1/4″

Bursa Beige Marble Polished 3/4″

Bursa Beige Marble Polished 1 1/4″

Imperial White Carrara Marble Polished 3/4″

Imperial White Carrara Marble Polished 1 1/4″

Opal White Marble Polished/Brushed 3/4″

Opal White Marble Polished/Brushed 1 1/4″

Pearl Dolomite Marble Polished 3/4″

Tundra Grey Marble Polished 3/4″

Tundra Grey Marble Polished 1 1/4″