Hardscape Materials

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FREEZE-THAW damage occurs when porous materials absorb water and temperatures then drop below freezing and water turns to ice and expands. Travertine is known to resist the freeze-thaw cycle but clearly, there are many factors involved. Installation methods play a part as well as the density or quality of the travertine. For absolute protection of your investment, we recommend sealing every 2 to 3 years to observe your hardscape materials and prepare for cooler temperatures.

Here at NT Trading Inc., we pride ourselves on a higher grade of NT Pavers travertine that is less porous of stronger density and more resistant than others on the market. In a second- grade travertine that may be more porous it may be more susceptible to damage in a freeze-thaw cycle. The travertine of less density is more suitable for warmer climates where cooler temperatures are not a concern. @ntpavers.com