Fire: Elegance Collection Large Porcelain Slabs. The New Dimension of Design – Indoor or Outdoor

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Elegance Collection porcelain slabs called FIRE are available in the formats 47″x102″ and 63″x126″, which cancels the visual impact of the joints. In addition to exterior facades, floors, and wall tiles for commercial, residential, and public spaces, the large slabs can be also used to create support surfaces for interior design and customize the furnishing accessories.

NT Trading offers Elegance Collection large slabs that have great benefits and can be used in an outdoor or indoor application.

Aesthetic Continuity
Thanks to the large dimensions of the FIRE slabs, leaks significantly decrease: the surface thus offers a pleasant aesthetic effect of continuity.

Quick Installation
Large sizes are suitable for flooring and covering surfaces with unique pieces while minimizing cuts and waste.

Valorization Of Material
The material effects of marble, stone, resin, and cement are enhanced by large sizes, enriching the environment in which they are laid.

Integration with Existing Collections

Large slabs use graphic and material-based expressions consistent with traditional products already available in the product range, thus guaranteeing the same aesthetic effect in a wider range of formats.

Large size slabs can be used for traditional uses, such as floors, claddings, and facades, but also to create structures and objects that are coordinated with the rest of the environment.