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Top 10 Backyard Patio Design Ideas by NT Pavers

Whether you have a small space or a sprawling landscape to work with, you can make the most of revamping an outdoor area with the right materials and design ideas. Create a chic and comfortable outdoor space where you can take advantage of the warm weather and even extend the entertainment into the cooler months of the year. Here is the Top 10 Backyard Patio Design Ideas by NT Pavers.

Are you torn between the type of material to use in your backyard patio design? Porcelain, marble, and travertine are all excellent options with unique sets of benefits, features, and characteristics. You can use any of them to build just about anything – from colorful spaces for vibrant al fresco dining to minimalist open-air lounge areas. Follow the top ten backyard patio design ideas in this guide to learn more about each type of material and the best applications for them.

1. Use Classic Porcelain Pavers Around Your Pool, Driveway, and Patio

blustone grey patio

Lay out classic porcelain pavers to create a chic, cohesive look around your pool, driveway, and patio. Porcelain pavers are manufactured tiles that have the impressive ability to be made to look like just about any natural stone that exists in nature. The best part about this is that they’re typically less expensive and more durable than their natural counterparts. You can find porcelain pavers that look like marble, travertine, bluestone, and just about anything else. The best part is, they’re typically a fraction of the cost of their natural counterparts and just as durable.

Give your space a classic textured look with anti-slip bluestone grey porcelain pavers. They can help create an illusion of space, and their anti-slip texture makes them ideal for use around a pool, garden, or other areas exposed to water and foot traffic. 16” x 32” pavers are an ideal size for larger outdoor spaces. From a distance, the light and dark shades blend together for a subtle textured look, while up close, they have an elegant appearance. Lay out these pavers over various surfaces throughout your property to give them a cohesive look.

2. Create a Luxurious Look with Marble Pavers and Coping

blue marble sandblasted paver (2 of 3)

Create a luxurious look for your space by covering a surface area with marble pavers and coping. Marble boasts a broad range of positive qualities, one of the most notable being its unmatched beauty. While it’s one of the most sought-after natural stones for indoor flooring, it’s gained a lot of popularity for outdoor applications in recent years. Installing marble pavers and coping in an outdoor area can really elevate the look.

Marble comes in a wide range of stunning, unique patterns. It’s also adaptable and versatile, making it an ideal choice for any outdoor surface. Use it to elevate the look of patio floors, pool decks, walkways, walls, and even driveways. If you want to upgrade the look of a pool area without redoing the entire ground, install marble coping around the edges. Marble coping is slip-proof, which adds an element of safety to a pool area as well. Another great thing about marble is that it’s mildew-resistant and prevents mold growth, so it requires little maintenance to stay looking beautiful.

3. Lay Ivory Travertine Pavers and Copings Around Your Pool, Patio, and Walkways

ivory travertine paver (7 of 8)

Suppose you’re trying to come up with ideas that will help you add a luxurious look to your pool deck and the surrounding areas. In that case, ivory travertine pavers and coping provide an unparalleled combination of elegance, safety, affordability, and durability. These natural stone pavers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and patterns, making them ideal for use on patios, walkways, and pool decks.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, travertine is ideal for installing around pools because it doesn’t become slippery when it gets wet. It’s also highly durable due to its natural resistance to fading after freezing and thawing, so these pavers will last a long time, even in extreme climate conditions. Create an elegant, cohesive look between your pool, patio, and walkways using ivory travertine pavers and coping.

4. Use Porcelain Pavers Around the Pool, Marble Wall Tiles on Firepit and Fountain


Suppose you’re looking to cover a variety of surface areas over a vast outdoor space. In that case, porcelain pavers provide the versatility and durability you need to elevate the look of any environment at a fraction of the cost of natural stone. Porcelain pavers are one of the most versatile options for outdoor use in both appearance and adaptability. They can be made to look like any natural stone in any color and come in a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit any surface area.

Lay porcelain pavers out to make the pool and patio flooring. Then, play around with different colored and textured pavers to create coordinating borders and wall tiles. You can even use it for a fire pit and fountain, whether you’re laying a floor around the structures or want to line the structures themselves. It will certainly elevate the look of them either way. One of the best things about porcelain pavers is how they can be made to look like anything, so you can use them to make just about any design idea come to life.

5. Create a Stunning Surface with Alpine Porcelain Pavers on the Patio

porcelain pavers

Create a stunning patio surface by laying alpine porcelain pavers for the groundwork. The bright white color creates an illusion of more space and adds an aesthetic of elegance to an area. Porcelain pavers can help you create a luxurious look for a fraction of the cost of natural stone. In addition to their aesthetic appeal and affordability, there are several other benefits to using porcelain pavers for a patio.

If you live somewhere where the climate goes through drastic changes throughout the year, porcelain is a good choice because it’s resistant to harsh weather conditions. Porcelain pavers are also non-staining, which makes them easy to maintain. Their non-slip characteristic makes them ideal for areas with high foot traffic and entertainment areas, such as a patio. Finally, the high-definition finish on porcelain pavers doesn’t fade, even after being exposed to direct sunlight, so you can be sure that the brightness of the alpine color will stay brilliant for years. All you need to do is lay them down and keep them clean (which is super simple, too).

6. Create a Unique Pattern with Large-Format Porcelain Pavers

volcano grey porcelain paver (3 of 4)

Use large-format porcelain pavers to create a unique pattern for a driveway, patio, or other large surface areas. Large-format pavers come in 48” x 48” squares, which can be used to create a latticework pattern when you space them a couple of inches from each other and run them diagonally across a space. Use coping to fill the gaps or let grass grow between them for a more textured, natural look.

Large-format porcelain pavers have been used in other countries but are relatively new to the American market. They have made a popular finishing choice throughout Europe for many years, but there aren’t many suppliers in the country, so you can be sure that when you use these pavers, you’ll be creating a space that has a unique aesthetic appeal. You can find them in a wide range of colors, but lighter shades like Volcano Grey look absolutely stunning.

7. Spruce Up a Pool Deck with Elegant Porcelain Pavers and Marble Copings

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If you’re looking for an elegant way to spruce up a pool deck without breaking the bank, go for a combination of porcelain pavers and marble copings. Instead of laying the entire deck in marble, you can use porcelain pavers that are made to look like marble and pair them with marble copings for a luxurious finish. Create a classic look with perfectly laid mid-sized squares of porcelain tile and line the borders of the deck and pool in a coordinating marble coping.

Porcelain pavers are an ideal poolside material due to their non-slip properties. They’re also resistant to mildew and mold, are incredibly durable, and can withstand extreme climate changes. When you use porcelain pavers for your pool deck, you’ll be saving money on a material that is incredibly durable, versatile, and easy to clean and maintain. You’ll get all this without having to sacrifice aesthetic appeal, as porcelain pavers can be made to mimic the look of the most beautiful natural stone pavers on the market.

8. Swim in the Lap of Luxury with Marble Copings and Pavers Around Your Patio and Pool


If you’re looking to swim in the lap of luxury, outfit your pool deck with marble copings and pavers. Blue marble provides an aesthetic of sheer elegance with natural veining in white. Not only will this natural stone elevate the look of your patio and pool, but it will also add significant value to your home as well. Even if you never plan to sell your home, you can be sure that the marble pool and patio will last for generations due to their impressive durability.

Marble pavers are ideal for transforming a plain and dull space into one that exudes elegance and luxury. Marble is also one of the highest-quality materials for outdoor use and comes in many shades, each piece of which has a unique natural pattern. Marble stays cool, and the pavers usually come in a tumbled finish, making them less slippery and safe for walking over even during the hottest summer days.

9. Outfit Your Space for Royalty with Pure White Marble Pavers and Copings


Create a pool and patio space that’s fit for royalty by laying down pure white marble pavers and copings. Use a combination of paver sizes and shapes to break up the area and add some additional texture. Lay rectangular pavers of varying sizes in a pure white afyon ice color as the main floor. Line the borders of the patio with marble copings in a slightly darker shade. Then, take large format porcelain pavers and space them a couple of inches apart, horizontally laying them to create a latticework floor for a lounge space.

For the most sophisticated look, you should find pure white marble paver and copings. While it can be difficult to find pure marble pavers with no dark stone mixed in, it’s not impossible. The higher the quality of the stone, the whiter and purer it will be. The most refined stones, of course, exude the highest levels of luxury, so if that’s something important to you, be sure to inquire about the purity and color while you’re shopping around.

10. Take Advantage of Versatility with Travertine Pavers, Copings, Steps, and Wall Tiles

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Using travertine, create a chic, natural, and cohesive look throughout your patio, steps, walkways, and walls. The natural characteristics of travertine pavers and copings make them ideal for just about any outdoor application, but especially pool decks, patios, and walkways. After you lay the pavers, line the borders with coordinating travertine coping. You can also use travertine steps and wall tiles to tie the space together and elevate its natural sophistication.

Travertine pavers are made of natural stone that’s often thought to be second-best to marble. It has several beneficial characteristics, including its natural durability, strength, and heat resistance. It’s two times stronger than concrete and will stay cool to the touch even under direct sunlight. Since it’s not reflective, it won’t raise the surrounding temperature of the space either. Travertine also doesn’t fade, so it will stay looking new for decades as long as you clean it regularly. Travertine comes in a natural tone and is available in various shades and patterns, which makes it easy to coordinate with existing landscapes and décor.

Designing a backyard patio should be an experience that gets you excited to lounge and entertain your friends and family in the oasis that is your home. Whether you’re looking to spruce up an existing area with an updated look or want to install a brand-new patio, walkway, pool deck, wall, or other surfaces, contact us to see how we can help make your vision a reality. We carry some of the most affordable, highest quality, pure, and unique pavers, copings, and tiles in the market. Take inspiration from the fresh ideas, and let us help you freshen up your outdoor space.

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