Battle of the Stones: Marble, Travertine, or Porcelain for your Outdoor Project?

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So you’ve decided to redesign your outdoor space or are simply starting from scratch. You know what you want the space to feel like, the shape of the pool, the flowers that line the entrance. But now it’s time to get down to the knitty gritty, the great contender of your outdoor space: the pavers. Why are pavers so important? Because they’re the part that takes up the largest space, both physically and visually.  NT Trading has a wide variety of outdoor stones to choose from, from Marble and Travertine to Porcelain, all tested to withstand even the roughest outdoor conditions like rain and snow. But with such a wide selection, it’s tough to know which one to choose and we’re here to help!


A stone synonymous with luxury and has withstood the test of centuries, marble is a popular option for outdoor spaces.  From the buttery creams of our Crema Winter to the rich, deep navy of Blue Marble, white of Afyon Ice Marble, grey veins of Rain Cloud Marble; the depth of color that marble will add to your space is unmatched. NT Trading offers two finishes, tumbled and sandblasted, you can choose the finishing that is right for your lifestyle. With a tumbled finishing you have the traditional look of marble, with beautiful veining and the smooth surface.  With sandblasted, you have a slightly textured surface perfect for outdoor areas exposed to water, such as pools. NT Trading offers both pavers and pool copings in tumbles and sandblasted finishing as that you have a consistent look and feel throughout your entire project.


Mined from our own quarry in Izmir, Turkey, travertine is much-loved for its warmth and texture. Popular, in rustic and traditional decors, travertine is classic and timeless. Known for being cool to the touch, even in summer heat, your kids and pets can walk on travertine without having to worry about it getting hot under the sun. Travertine gives the look of coziness to your space, with soft edges, subtle veining, and natural variation that gives natural stone its beauty! But don’t let that fool you! Having direct access to the quarry, we only offer first quality material, meaning it’s denser that standard commercial travertine so you don’t have to worry about it being exposed to heavy rain or snow.


Modern and minimal, porcelain has been beloved by European designers for decades! No wonder! It is easy to install, durable, and contemporary designers favorite as you get a stone look without the business and variation of natural stone. If you’re looking for a smooth, even surface without the variation and movement you find in natural stone, the NT Trading porcelain collection is the way to go. Produced in Italy, the industry leader in outdoor porcelain, you never have to worry about porcelain not being able to withstand harsh winter.