Top 10 Benefits of Choosing 24×24 Porcelain Pavers for Your Patio

24×24 Porcelain Pavers

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There can be a lot of stress involved in undertaking any kind of construction project. There are many factors to consider when choosing a material, including price, maintenance, and appearance. In reality, porcelain pavers have so much to offer as a decking and landscaping material. Even though these thicker 2cm and 3cm pavers have been available for less than 10 years, you might not have considered them before. However, we at NT Pavers do believe that the porcelain pavers should be at the top of your material selection list.  In this post, we will discuss in detail why 24×24 porcelain pavers are a great choice for patios.

24×24 Porcelain Pavers For Patios


Patios are one of the most used areas in modern houses. They are the hub of not only leisure and relaxation time but people often hold friendly gatherings, bonfires, and just other family events in these areas. No doubt it has to face heavy foot traffic. However, using our 3cm (11/8”) thick porcelain pavers for your patios will ensure a durable surface. This is perhaps one of the most prominent features of the porcelain pavers. After all, it has been used in houses for centuries. The secret lies in the making of porcelain as special clays and additives are used to create this. It goes through 1200-14– degrees Fahrenheit which results in a durable, hard, and damage-free building material that is perfect for your construction projects like patios.

Rustic Grigio Italian porcelain paver 24x24


Weather Resistant:

As part of the exterior of the house, patios have to face direct harsh weather from scorching heat to frosting in winter. This is where porcelain pavers shine. They are known to be the most resistant building material for patios. Again the secret is how they are created. They go through high temperatures (1200-1400 degrees Fahrenheit) which makes them great weather resistance. On the other hand, they can easily sustain the harsh cold temperature as well. This means that if there is a -50 temperature, the porcelain pavers will work great. Because they are non porous material they can sustain longer without question.

Moon 20x40 Outdoor Porcelain Pavers Project Pic 3


Little care:

Putting porcelain pavers could save you a lot of time when you don’t want to do the tiresome work of removing all the dirt from your outdoor patios. Their minimalistic architecture will spare you much care and money after the initial period. The other option to make the curtains glamorous for a long time is to wash them frequently. It is easy to deal with the paving outdoors of the porcelain because there is no water retaining, nor dirt spills will make them dirty and the formation of ice or alginates will not be favorable. Even though you have to clean your backyard thoroughly very often with hot soapy water, you must pay special attention to the most massive plants that you might have around you.

Rustic Grigio Italian porcelain paver

Perfect For High Traffic Areas

Manufacturing has been greatly revolutionized by the advancement of technology which allows for the production of thicker and stronger insulating porcelain slabs like our 5cm ultra-thick ones. Therefore, in consideration of the fact that ultra thick have a high load-bearing capacity, they are an appropriate choice not only for foot traffic but for porches and driveways as well.

Moss, Mold, and Mildew Free:

Living in areas where rains often happen around then porcelain pavers are perfect for you. The non-porous porcelain pavers do not allow entry of liquids, oils, grease, and chemicals; this comes in handy in the prevention of the growth of moss/molds/mildews. Provided it does molds and mosses gathering because of microclimates or no sunlight, they can be easily wiped off.


Multiple Sizes:

To start with, porcelain tiles were available in only 24″ sizes. However, in recent years the range of sizes has grown too quickly. In this regard, you do not just get single pavers that are as massive as 48″x48”, but even larger than that, but also cobblestone blocks that can be as small as 20” x 20”, and wood looks so natural as they come in pieces up to 48″x48”, which is impossible to produce in concrete.

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Covering Existing Concrete:

As porcelain pavers are the thinner alternative to concrete pavers, they are perfectly suitable for covering weather-worn or cracked patios and even give you the possibility to cover your wood deck. They are made of concrete and have anti-slip turned upwards. Support them with rubber pads under each corner of the pavers and your height of surface can be 1” higher than your existing surface. Being the rubber underpass with spacer tabs of their build, assembly is a success as space and positioning are already taken care of.

porcelain pavers on gravel base

Our Tips For Patio For Your Outdoor Renovation With 24×24 Pavers

Undoubtedly one of the best ways to get a better living area in your yard is to opt for a Patio. They are great for hosting intimate gatherings, cooking, and other friendly events. However, if you want to enjoy working outside or just want to enjoy leisure time. 

At NT Pavers, we feel we should provide you with some good patio decorating ideas to share with you in the blog post which is closest to completion.



Start From The Bottom:

Along with the design of the outdoor patio, choosing the right paving material is important to facilitate your home décor and make the design unique. If you would like your patio to look like your home living space, then choose the same type of surface for both the patio and your house. That little thing will make your patio look more like an integral part of your home rather than simply be a quick and easy remedy. Porcelain pavers are especially suitable for the interior of houses and the exterior too because the outer tiles go with inner tiles.

Snowshadow Marble Pavers Sandblasted
Transform your patio into an oasis of tranquility with Snowshadow Marble Pavers Sandblasted. Their soft white hue harmonizes with various landscape elements, creating a visually appealing and serene ambiance.

Propper Decoration For Patios:

An outdoor patio can be under a shade if it fits well with nature or just be roofless, depending on your choice. Then you can spend the summer evenings stargazing and you can cut your patio paving materials to fit outdoor settings. 24×24 Porcelain Pavers make a good choice as they can be used for your patio and garden to create a peaceful, harmonic, and inseparable ambiance. outdoors, cobblestone bears both the aesthetic and practical qualities. they lend a dramatic finish to patios, driveways, garden walkways, and outdoor steps in addition to their visual appeal.

The image shows the outside of the house designed with mediterrenean porcelain paver patio.

Patios For Pools:

Too many soggy feet and a pool of water dripping from the towels around your backyard operations are expected if you have a pool or other wet area there. Choose porcelain pavers for the chemical-treated water so your floor won’t get damaged. In another case, it is always a better option to use porcelain pavers. Unlike natural stones which will stain and fade when they come in contact with salt or chlorine, the porcelain pavers are resistant to stain and do not come apart when they touch salt or chlorine.

How Porcelain Pavers Can Enhance Your Pool Area

Custom Plant Bed Vertical Gardens:

You should think about adding plants if you want your patio to stand out separately. The only man-made feature in your peaceful green garden will undoubtedly be the patio. There are many options to choose from. As for the vertical gardens, these are highly sought after everywhere as they combine plants with small outdoor spaces. Use retaining walls built from stones and stone caps to provide space for shrubs and flower beds. succulents in repeated designs add much character and beauty to patios; a sample design can be found in the picture.


Compare And Contrast:

Using contrast is an effective means to play with the design portions, particularly on the exterior. If you want to do this, you can purchase furniture for the patio, which is in contrast to the walls and floors. Bold colors for the seats, and cushions tables, look great when set against the softness of the rug and wall colors. Tinting with contrasting colors makes all objects pop on their own!

Dark Grey 24x48 Porcelain Pavers

Opt For Natural Appearance:

Because the patio is the area that will stay outside it should look like the indoor part of indoor as well. The most popular patio decorating elements have to be much more than usual house decorations. The best outdoor patios take the interior and outdoor arrangements together. Natural ingredients thrive supremely in this type of setting. Such as pebbles in gardens that are part of such outdoor design trends. They are modern, environmentally friendly, and decent to your pocket, & they have many options; sizes, colors, and textures. Using tiles as a decorative wall behind a patio fireplace is a great idea. It is also an accent background.

Hope this post has helped provide you with a better idea regarding the benefits of 24×24 porcelain pavers for your patios. However, we did our best to make your patio experience better than ever so you can get the most out of your Patios. For more Patio ideas, tile selection, and installation tips and tricks, NT Pavers has a wide number of blog posts to read out. Browse for more ideas.

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