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Silver Travertine 6″ Block

Material: Travertine

Thickness: 6”

Surface: Tumbled


  • 12”x72” – Tumbled (Straight Edge)


Silver Travertine 6″ Block

Civil engineers and building constructors usually use the Silver Travertine 6′′ Block in certain parts of buildings according to their tastes. It has beautiful, irregular lines that are characteristic of the wavy texture. The lines are sometimes regular, but there are no straight lines. This block is recommended for laying wavy stones in front of buildings by NT Pavers. In addition to adding a special beauty to the environment, the silver color of the textured type makes it perfect for outdoor floors. Experience the beauty of natural stones with the durability of Travertine 6” Blocks.

Country of Origin: Turkey


Pool, Patio, Facade, Steps, Treads, Caps, SPA and more…

Packing Info:

  • 12”x72” – 1 crate (10 pcs) = 60 sq ft (1650 lbs.)

Test Results:

  • Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (by TCNA) – 0.66
  • Absorption & Density – 1.09 & 2.48
  • Compressive Strength (Dry – Avg PSI) – 18,310
  • Resistance to Freeze-Thaw – PASSED

Additional information

Weight 0.000000 kg
Dimensions 0.000000 × 0.000000 × 0.000000 cm

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