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Pistachio Limestone Honed Interior Slab

Material: Limestone

Thickness: ¾” & 1 ¼”

Surface: Honed


  • 6’x9’ (approximate)


Pistachio Limestone Honed Interior Slab

The Pistachio Limestone Honed Interior Slab is one of the most unique interior slab products. You can enjoy the understated elegance of our Pistachio limestone-honed interior Slab at a low cost. You can create a sophisticated and timeless look in your interior without having to go overboard. This premium slab offers a subtle and graceful color palette that resembles pistachio. The luxurious honed finish will add a touch of luxury to your space. It comes in the size of 6’x9’ (approximate) and the thickness of ¾” & 1 ¼”. Enjoy the beautiful interior effortlessly with this pistachio limestone slab.

Country of Origin: Turkey


Pool, Bathroom, Walkway, Entryway, Flooring, Shower Walls, Kitchen

Custom Fabrication:

NT Pavers also offers custom fabrication services to manage special orders in 2 weeks. We cut, bullnose, ease edge and miter both natural stone and porcelain in New Jersey.

Service Areas:

New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), New York (NY) , Long Island (LI), New Hampshire (NH), Rhode Island (RI), Michigan (MI), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Texas (TX) , Arizona (AZ), Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), Pennsylvania (PA), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), California (CA), Illinois (IL), Ohio (OH), Nevada (NV).

For more information, please visit our YouTube channel.

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