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E7 Adjustable Paver Pedestal | 7” and 12 5/8”

Height: 7” and 12 5/8”

Carrying Capacity (entire position max load): 2400 lbs.

Includes: 1 pc base. 1 pc head. 1 pc extender. 1 pc shim. 1 pc spacer tab.


E7 Adjustable Paver Pedestal | 7” and 12 5/8”

The E7 Adjustable Paver Pedestal offers a practical solution for paving projects. It comes with an adjustable height between 7” and 12 5/8”. It’s designed to hold a significant weight that can be up to 2400 lbs. If you are assured about the robust foundation. Each set includes a base, head, extender, shim, and spacer tab. They will work together to provide a customizable and level surface. This pedestal is ideal for any paving project be it residential or commercial providing a reliable and adaptable paving support system. See more Pedestal Pavers.

Packing Info:

  1. 1 box – 48 pcs


  • Excellent for hiding and equipment
  • Always flat paving and easily accessible
  • Excellent absorption of structural movement
  • Better acoustic insulation
  • Highly Resistance
  • Significant less weight
  • Quick water drainage
  • Better thermal insulation

Tech Specs:

NT Pavers Adjustable Pedestal System can be used to allow space between porcelain pavers or cement tiles. Unit height ranges between 7” and 12 5/8” (180mm – 320mm)

Head=diameter 5 7/8” – surface area 27.28 sq.inch. Base=diameter 7 7/8” – ground surface 48.83 sq.inch.

Material: Polypropylene (PP), material thickness 4.5mm-6mm; Composition 90% PP, 10% talc, UV and black masterbatch, 100% recyclable.

Resisting UV rays, weather, sea salt, and almost all chemicals. Temperature range: -40°F to +248°F (-40°C to +120°C).

Support for outdoor terraces with any kind of material: timber decking, stone, ceramic, composite material, metal, fiberglass grid

Can be placed on any stable substrate, also over insulation panels.

For more information about the adjustable pedestal paver, please visit our YouTube channel.

Additional information

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