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Beige Marble Corner Shelf

Material: Marble


  • Light – 9″ x 9″ x 3/4″
  • Dark – 9″ x 9″ x 3/4″
  • Rope – 9″ x 9″ x 3/4″


Beige Marble Corner Shelf

You can add elements of elegance to any room with NT Pavers’ Marble Corner Shelf. It is available in light, dark, and rope designs, this shelf measures 9″x9″x3/4″ and is perfect for displaying decorative items, books, or plants. Made from high-quality marble, it adds a touch of sophistication to any corner. The sleek design and premium material make it a stylish addition to any home or office. Use it to showcase your favorite decorative pieces, add a touch of nature with potted plants, or keep your favorite books within easy reach. Elevate your space with the timeless beauty of NT Pavers’ Marble Corner Shelf!”

Country of Origin: Turkey

Service Areas:

New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Long Island, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, California, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada.

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