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Antico Travertine Veneer Stone Pattern

Material: Travertine


Wall Tile:

  • 9″x9″
  • 6″x8″
  • 3″x9″


  • 3″x6″x2″
  • 6″x8″x2″
  • 9″x9″x2″


Antico Travertine Veneer Stone Pattern

The Antico Travertine Veneer Stone pattern by NT Pavers is crafted from premium travertine for timeless elegance. This versatile pattern includes wall tile sizes of 9″x9″, 6″x8″, and 3″x9″, ideal for creating captivating interior designs. Complete your project with matching corner pieces available in sizes of 3″x6″x2″, 6″x8″x2″, and 9″x9″x2″, ensuring a seamless and professional finish. Perfect for accent walls, backsplashes, and exterior applications, Antico Travertine Veneer Stone adds natural beauty and sophistication to any space. Turn your vision into reality with NT Pavers’ Antico Travertine Veneer Stone pattern. Rejuvenate your space with the enduring charm of travertine veneer.

Country of Origin: Turkey


House Facing, SPA, Facade, Rooftop, Steps, Treads, Caps

Packing Info:

Wall Tile:
  • 1 crate = 121.68 sq ft (1653 lbs.) = 36 sets
  • 1 set (2 pcs of 9″x9″, 4 pcs of 6″x8″, 6 pcs of 3″x9″) = 3.38 sq ft.
  • 3”x6” – 1 crate = 720 pcs = 72 sets | 1 set = 10 pcs
  • 6”x8” – 1 crate = 336 pcs = 84 sets | 1 set = 4 pcs
  • 9”x9” – 1 crate = 252 pcs = 63 sets | 1 set = 4 pcs

Service Areas:

New Jersey (NJ), Connecticut (CT), New York (NY) , Long Island (LI), New Hampshire (NH), Rhode Island (RI), Michigan (MI), North Carolina (NC), South Carolina (SC), Texas (TX) , Arizona (AZ), Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD), Pennsylvania (PA), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), California (CA), Illinois (IL), Ohio (OH), Nevada (NV).

Antico Travertine Veneer Stone PatternTravertine Veneer Stone PatternAntico Travertine Veneer Pattern

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