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Afyon Ice Marble 2″ Slab

Material: Marble

Thickness: 2”

Surface: Sandblasted

Sizes: 6’x9’ (approximate)


Afyon Ice Marble 2″ Slab

The Afyon Ice Marble 2″ Slab is our premium-quality marble slab that is the perfect choice for your outdoor projects. The timeless beauty of natural stones like marble features cool icy hues and elegant veining that will surely catch everyone’s attention as soon as they step on it.  Each 2″ slab is professionally crafted to display the natural elegance of marble. Whether used for countertops, accent walls, or flooring, the Afyon Ice Marble 2″ Slab can add a feel of sophistication and refinement to any interior design. Embrace the premium and luxury with sophistication with our Afyon Ice Marble 2″ Slab.

Origin: Turkey


Pool, Patio, Facade, Rooftop, Steps, Treads, Caps

Custom Fabrication:

NT Pavers also offers custom fabrication services to manage special orders in 2 weeks. We cut, bullnose, ease edge and miter both natural stone and porcelain in New Jersey.

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