How to Transform Home with Travertine Pavers: Step by Step Guide?

How to Transform Your Home with Travertine Pavers: Step by Step Guide?

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If you want to level up your house construction game then opting for travertine steps is a great option. Travertine, if you are hearing this for the first time, is one of the most durable and valuable materials that offer beauty and durability at the same time and has a great history of being used in construction. The best thing about this is elegant beauty and at NT Pavers, we take pride in providing the most luxurious-looking travertine pavers for patio floors, and steps to interiors such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

People are now considering it for their home construction as it can transform any space effortlessly. All you need is to understand the theme of your interior and choice of material and it can enhance the beauty of your exterior and interior. As a material of high quality and aesthetics, IT meets the highest expectations.

Understanding Travertine:

Travertine forms when calcium carbonate precipitates into mineral-rich groundwater. Natural pits and voids on the surface give it its distinctive appearance. Ivory and beige are the most common colors, but walnut brown and gold are also popular. This is the type of natural stone that has been utilized in construction for centuries and it has even been part of ancient structure marvels like the Roman Colosseum. This is another major reason why it is gaining popularity in construction projects especially exterior ones because of its durability. 

Why Travertine For Home Transformation?

Having been noticed by the architects, and designers, several appealing reasons make them fall for the travertine. On the one hand, this appeal appears to be due to the object’s special appearance and the fact that it possesses not only classic features but contemporariness that enables it to be used in both traditional and modern interior designs. The irregularities in the pebbles’ shape and the bigger holes on the surface create the texture of the surface that gives the space some depth and character.

its durability is another feature that is greatly hailed. Natural stone is simply a resilient stone that can endure the challenge of time and remains a spectacular sight even after the years due to its resistance to wear and tear. It is indisputable in this regard that one of the best features of this system is that it is appropriate for highly accessible places, both indoors and outdoors.

The green issues also point out that it is sustainable as it is a natural stone. Following nature makes it in the first place eco-friendly and, if it is used responsibly, a sustainable source of natural resources. It matches up to the emergence of a highly reputed trend of including green materials in home design.

Travertine Pavers


Benefits of Travertine for Exterior and Interior

For several reasons, it is a great material for interior and exterior projects.

  • Outdoor Elegance:

It would be an ideal in plain sight like patios, stoops, and public places that are beyond the limit of sublime. Because it has a natural anti-slip texture, it would be perfect for indoor and outdoor pool decks, and the attribute that it emits little heat makes it very comfortable for use in outdoor activities on hot days.

  • Interior Opulence:

In the house, it is the perfect mate for creating a glamorous environment. It can be installed as a wall covering and adds coziness and style through its wide color palette and texture. There is nothing better than having it in your kitchen or bathroom, where you could add a little bit of characteristic natural touch.

Types of Travertine to Choose From:

  • Vein Cut Travertine:

Plane-cut stones are extracted by grinding along their natural bedding planes. It brings about the linearized pattern, that has the elements of the veining, which makes the result to be sleek and modern. The so-called tile fit for the ground or wall of a modern house or apartment is also of such type.


  • Cross Cut Travertine:

Cross-cut  is obtained by cutting the stone perpendicular to its natural bedding planes. This produces a more randomized pattern with a cloudy appearance, showcasing the natural voids and pits. Cross-cut travertine is commonly used for a more traditional or rustic look.

  • Silver Travertine 

The beauty of Silver travertine is impeccable when you take a look at its soft-hued blend of grays, browns, and blacks from Turkey. Regardless of its installation location, the granite will be perfect. The travertine stands out for all purposes, especially in low-traffic areas. Consequently, this material is ideal for bathroom vanities, tub surrounds, and other residential uses.

NT Pavers's Silver Travertine Veneer Stone Pattern, ideal for outdoor wall tile applications in Hawthorne, NJ, and service regions.

  • Ella Travertine Pavers

Ella Travertine Pavers, natural golden-colored stone, which is originally from Turkey, and contains small spots and veins all over. These are the perfect materials that you can use to decorate your own home.


  • Ivory Travertine Pavers

The Ivory Travertine Pavers are the best choice to make these outside surroundings more comfortable, Amazing hues and natural beauty are exuded.

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Use Of Travertine To Transform Your Home’s Exterior

It is a unique stone with an immemorial serenity and remarkable hardness that makes it a preferred choice for aesthetically upgrading your home interior. Not only patios and walkways but also other landscaping options such as lawns, driveways, brick walls, and outdoor patios can look nice with the help of this material. Besides, it is the best material for helping outside areas be different and beautiful. Involving it into your outside design sequence is a magic formula that might make both the beauty and the practical use of this material at home go up.

  • Patios

It pavers can truly work miracles in turning your patio into a tranquil, peaceful spot where you can not only find beauty but also the functionality that you crave. The deep walnut brown natural color variations provide the modern and elegant backdrop for outside furniture including decor. In this way, it is a terrific material as it is porous so it will drain effectively which can be a great property for outdoor areas.

Create an interweaving tile design using ripples of different travertine pavers to capture colors and shapes artistically. Your choice can be between a neutral layout or a vivid mosaic design, but this flooring material has that luxury tint that will adapt to it or suit the scenery.

NT Pavers - Pool Mosaics

  • Walkways

The durability of the this material allows it to be successfully used in walkways for which lines of oblique cracks eventually develop, but the modern appearance is retained. Unintended stumbling incidents are less likely to happen on the safe travertine paving with its natural slip resistance poor. Such areas wherein moisture is in abundance, like pools or other wet places, are also ideal locations for this kind of paving. It can be a path leading to your front door or through your backyard garden and as such, travertine walkways bring together friends and family.

Pick out a variation that adds to the beauty of your house, for example, the vein cut type is modern and the cross-pattern type makes it more rustic. Besides, the compatibility of this material gives you an advantage to customize your landscape to what appeals to you, thus ensuring you boost the curb appeal of the property in the end.

  • Pool Decks

Provide the two benefits in which that dwells- the cool sense of calm and the lasting elegance.

Its capability to persist cool underfoot serves as a reason for bath decks being the perfect material for lounging and entertaining. The stone’s ability to endure heat, so it won’t become too hot, even on the hottest days, gives us a promise of safety to be sure. These pits and cavities which are inherent on the surface not only add a natural texture to the surface finish but also contribute to the safety of the pool areas by boosting the standing grip.

Different shades of this, such as ivory or beige, could be a great idea because they will look nice and fancy against blue water. An established effective mix of functional and artful, it ensures the design of your pool area turns out remarkably well.


  • Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas: Stylish Entertaining Spaces

The addition of travertine to your outside kitchen or dining area turns the creational functional areas into sophisticated spaces. It can be installed as the flooring material, countertop, or simply create an awesome background for the barbeque area, this material gives the outdoors a pleasurable experience. The uniqueness of this material is its ability to resist heat so that it can be used in places where cooking or grilling is carried out.

Having the same type creates a united mood in the outdoor kitchen space. For instance, you can incorporate a travertine bar top, or a dining table to complete the beautiful interior that will correspond harmoniously with your natural surroundings.

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  • Garden Pathways: Nurturing Nature with NT Pavers

The aesthetic feature of travertine pavers also includes garden pathways, thus adding a touch of elegance to your garden public spaces. The stone’s beauty in itself beautifies the surroundings so much that it makes the creation of a connection between architecture and nature harmonious. It is a type of stone that is permeable which facilitates the absorption of water by the soil enabling plant roots to grow healthy and cutting down on runoff water.

In place of rectangular travertine units, pick out irregularly shaped ones that can add more of a natural and organic appeal to your garden path. This integration to a large extent increases the whole look of your garden but also supports the character of the environment.


Incorporating travertine into your home’s exterior is a design choice that can seamlessly combine aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re revamping your patio, creating inviting walkways, or enhancing outdoor entertaining spaces, it brings a timeless elegance that elevates the overall appeal of your home’s exterior. With Our collection of the durable and natural charm of the  collection, you can have the perfect marriage of practicality and aesthetic excellence in outdoor design. Just Embrace the natural aesthetics of travertine and embark on a journey to elevate your home’s aesthetic to new heights.