What Is French Pattern and Why Is It So Popular at NT Trading

french pattern tiles

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Our travertine and marble French pattern tiles are a top seller. French pattern is also known by other names, like ‘Versailles’ and ‘Ashlar’ patterns. It is a distinctive style of patterning that uses four different sizes of tiles to create a bolder and unique look to any outdoor hardscape.

Tiles and pavers are typically installed in a monotonous and rigid way that results in a geometric look with straight grout lines. This can make any patio or deck look boring and ordinary, but it can work if you do not want it to become the main attraction of outdoor space. If you are aiming for a bolder look, consider using French pattern tiles, a tiling style that breaks the monotony of conventional square tile installation. It is easy to install, often with a thin set method, which can help minimize installation costs. Once set, the French pattern tiles can become a feature of your hardscape, making the space more refined and detailed. Also, a nice plus is this design requires no border to look finished. It is pleasing to the eye as is.

French pattern travertine A set of tiles consists of 4 different pieces in sizes like 8” x 8” (two pieces), 16” x 24” (one piece), 16” x 16” (two pieces), and 8” x 16” (one piece).  NT Trading offers our Elegance French Collection in Afyon Ice Marble, Rain Cloud Marble Pavers, Crema Winter Marble, Blue Marble, Ivory Travertine, Silver Travertine, Antico Stone Travertine, Walnut Travertine, Gold Travertine, and Ella Travertine. Our natural stone tiles source comes from our premier quarries in Turkey. We guarantee premium grade product that will last for generations. We are happy to provide samples at any time and have a very extensive inventory here is Hawthorne, New Jersey.