Every material has its own advantages, and some disadvantages. 

Porcelain pavers are a flexible and budget-wise choice for outdoor patios, backyards, and driveways. Also, porcelain pavers are fade resistant and do not need sealing like marble. Also, they can stand up to cold temperatures and chemical exposure.

Elegance Porcelain Pavers are more affordable than natural stone. Porcelain is less expensive and more practical than some of the alternatives available. Due to its low-maintenance advantage, more people prefer porcelain pavers.

Porcelain pavers are prepared under very high temperature. It is harder and denser than other natural stone alternatives. Once you pave it, it will serve you very well!

Elegance porcelain pavers (1 ¼” Super Hard Porcelain Pavers) are suitable for driveways due to its dense structure. Elegance 3CM Porcelain pavers are widely used for driveways and walkways.

Elegance porcelain pavers are R-11 level slip-resistant, which means it’s designed to be resistant to slippery conditions. Elegance porcelain can easily be installed by the pool and other wet areas. Please watch a video of one of our customers, who installed 10,000 sq ft around the pool: https://youtu.be/YUBzMYwMVoo


Elegance Porcelain pavers generally get hotter than natural stone. So, if your backyard is in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight, choose a lighter color paver to avoid heat absorption! However, compared to blue stone, dark color porcelain pavers do much better under the sun.

Elegance porcelain pavers offer multiple significant advantages over concrete. In contrast, Elegance porcelain pavers are stain and chemical resistant while never needing to be sealed, all of which means that minimal maintenance is needed.

Due to its extreme stain resistance, Elegance porcelain pavers can be washed with water or any other neutral detergent mixed with water. If the stain is stubborn, additional chemicals might be needed to involve.

Porcelain pavers can be installed over sand.

Please watch the video in the link for more details: https://youtu.be/rxEqSJpCDs0

Elegance advises 3 ways to install porcelain pavers. Please click the links below for detailed and visual details.

Sand – https://youtu.be/rxEqSJpCDs0

Gravel – https://youtu.be/bEQHhtD4exg

Screed – https://youtu.be/_UHVIW_3Qs0