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Light Grey Porcelain Tile

Material: Porcelain

Thickness: almost 3/8” (exactly 9 MM)

Surface: Matte


  • 12″x24″


Light Grey Porcelain Tile

Light Grey Porcelain Tile provides a practical and stylish flooring option. These are crafted from durable porcelain. These tiles have a thickness of almost 3/8” (exactly 9 MM). The matte surface will provide you with a modern look suitable for any space. They are available in a 12″x24″ size, these tiles are ideal for various design layouts in both residential and commercial settings. The light grey color offers a neutral backdrop that complements any decor style. With their combination of durability and sleek design, Light Grey Porcelain Tile is a reliable choice for long-lasting and attractive flooring. 

Country of Origin: Italy


Floor, wall, backsplash, bathroom, kitchen floor, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, fireplace, SPA

Packing Info:

  • 12”x24”

Service Areas:

 New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Long Island, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, California, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada.

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