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EQ Key

Description: EQ Key is the new ergonomic adjustment key of the Tools line, designed for adjusting all EQ Elegance Pedestal supports and made of highly torsion-resistant steel.


EQ Key

The EQ Key is a handy tool crafted to work with the NT Pavers EQ Pedestal supports. It is a part of a specialized Tools line. It is designed ergonomically to make sure that you get the comfort during use. This EQ key is crafted from steel that resists twisting forces. It is durable and reliable. This key is the go-to for making precise adjustments to all EQ Elegance Pedestal supports. It ensures they fit just right. Its robust construction promises longevity. It makes it a smart addition to your toolkit for creating stable and level hardscapes.

Power Key consists of two elements: the handle and the flat-edged screwdriver. The handle, thanks to the sliding bar, can be used both in the T position and in the L position, according to the needs of use. The screwdriver fits into the handle and is secured to it by means of a lateral grain with a screwdriver slot, thus creating a single body. The Power Key configuration offers great ease of use and extreme ease of replacement of the screwdriver in case of wear.

Packaging Info:

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10 Advantages of EQ Pedestal Line:

  1. Fast Water Drainage
  2. Cavity for Pipes (Easy Inspection)
  3. Fast Laying
  4. Light System
  5. Acoustic Insulation
  6. High Loading Capacity
  7. Absorption of Dilatations
  8. Thermal Insulation
  9. Self-Leveling
  10. Recycled and Recyclable Material


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