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Dakota Porcelain Tile

Material: Porcelain

Thickness: almost 3/8” (exactly 9 MM)

Surface: Anti-Slip (R9 – matte finish)



  • 12″x24″
  • 24″x48″


Dakota Porcelain Tile

Dakota Porcelain Tile is one of the most popular porcelain tiles that comes with a realistic look of natural stone. It features a creamy color palate and an aging surface that gives it a distinct look. The surface shows the beauty that is a mix combo of scratches, stains, and micropores like wood. The distinctive aesthetic features give this porcelain tile that unique and original visual look. Dakota Porcelain Tile also includes a matte surface in the size of 12″x24″ 24″x48”. The Dakota Porcelain Tile can effortlessly add a sense of calm, zen, and elegance to any interior.

Country of Origin: Italy


Floor, wall, backsplash, bathroom, kitchen floor, kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, fireplace, SPA

Packing Info:

  • 12”x24” – 1 crate = 576 sq ft | 6 pcs/bx (1 bx=49 lbs.)
  • 24”x48” – 1 crate = 560 sq ft | 2 pcs/bx (1 bx=65 lbs.)

Technical Specifications (UNI EN 14411 ANNEX G -Bla / UNI EN ISO 13006 ANNEX G -Bla):

  • Skid Resistance – Anti-Slip: R9 (Standard of Test: DIN 51130)

Service Areas:

New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, Long Island, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, California, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada.

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